Turner and My Own Works

My own artwork has been influenced by Turner. I have frequently admired and studied his handling of various subjects. More specifically, I have done some works that have directly commented upon his work.

Beef for Breakfast

Inspired by Turner's "Norham Castle Sunrise," with the insertion of a flight of dragons that represent my fondness for science fiction and fantasy.

Turner's Cup

Inspired by Turner's "The Burning of the Houses of Parliament"

The intrusive dragon inspired yet another picture in the series for the exam, "Hi There," in which a sleepy/hung-over Turner stares at a tiny dragon perched on his coffeecup.

I frequently characterize people by imagining what animals they would be. To me, J.M.W. Turner is definitely a badger. He was a short, stout curmudgeon who was so secretive about his personal life that he gave the impression of living in a burrow.

Here's a more cartoonish version of Turner as badger. It's unusual because I did it in mixed media, with the painting on the easel and the paints on his palette actually done in acrylic paint.

Last updated January 11, 2014.